Halloween Costumes Repurposing

Halloween Vibes: Disney Style

For all my friends who share in the art of procrastination, here’s a last minute Halloween costume idea! My inspiration for this one came from Pinterest, go figure. My boyfriend Zach and I dressed up as Kevin and Russell from Disney’s Up for a fraternity date party. I’d say we were the talk of the party, but there’s a chance that’s only because I shed feathers every. where. we. went. But oh well, it was a super fun night!

Here’s the inspiration:

I googled “wilderness explorer patches” to get some inspiration for patch designs, because I wasn’t about to cut out 50 little circles after I printed them, even though that was definitely an option.

Since I go to OU and Zach goes to OSU, I had fun making little patches with different sayings and pictures for both schools, along with his fraternity, Farmhouse, and my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta! I used some foam stickers I already had and made enough to fit on a sash (30-40).

For the Kevin costume, I conveniently had a bright blue leotard from a show I had been in, in addition to having a black sequin skirt to pin the feather boas to. I bought three boas – red, orange, and yellow – (which were surprisingly expensive, ugh) and some pipe cleaners with the puffy pieces on them. I put my hair half-up half-down and then wrapped two of the pipe cleaners around the ponytail, sticking them up straight like Kevin’s feathers (also, these were the cheapest alternative to actual feathers, which are also very expensive, and we’re broke college kids). For the skirt, I cut the boas in half and then doubled them over, pinning them secure to the top and bottom of the skirt using safety pins, rotating colors all the way around. Some black leggings and red booties topped it off!

For Russell’s costume, I bought one yard of brown cheap fabric and cut a sash out of it (this took two tries, it’s hard to judge how it would fit on the body, so in retrospect I should have used a template or at least measured. But you know me, impatient.) I stuck all those cute patches to it and we safety pinned the bottom. Then Zach bought a cheap t-shirt and plain orange bandana from Hobby Lobby, and wore a hat, khaki pants, and boots that he already owned.

This wasn’t the cheapest costume by any means, but you could adapt it to any budget. Tulle would be a good alternative to feather boas and a blue long sleeve shirt would work just fine as well!

The wilderness must be explored!

Happy Halloween!

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