Year One

Exciting news!!

This June marked the one-year anniversary of my tiny, hopeful business I started in 2017. Years of crafting paved the way for my hobby-turned-business, and I have learned more in just one year of custom work than I had in all the years prior! Now, after many “learn the hard way” moments, months of prayer for direction, and a slight change of perspective, I have decided to rebrand and change the name and face of my business. My new business name is Point One Creative, and there are a couple of reasons for this:


  1. “Point One,” or “.1” written as a percentage is 10%. This represents the 10% of people in the world who are left handed. Ten percent! Truly, we are a minority. Further, the percent of lefties who also do calligraphy is significantly smaller. Somehow, I feel like I’m defying the odds, and that just feels good. (Also, this makes my math nerd heart beat faster.)
  2. I am a snail mail + letter lover; I create handmade cards and stationery using tons of mediums, address envelopes so it feels like a little piece of heaven is in your mailbox, and get giddy over thrift store finds like my vintage mail sorter (see website background). The initials of my business will now be PO, which is a lot like P.O. (as in a P.O. box – the place where all the mail goes)! So, there’s a teeny little connection there, and maybe once I’m in the same city for more than 9 months, I’ll get a “PO” box just for my business!
  3. Point One Creative gives me tons of opportunity to expand my business down the road. Maybe I’ll start designing wallpaper and wrapping paper… maybe I’ll have a studio where I manufacture all kinds of goodies, not just things I’ve lettered!? Either way, I can be a creative entrepreneur and not limit my abilities.
  4. There are so many more logo options for me now, woop!
  5. This new name is a collision of the things most important to me, the last of which is its connection to the tithe. I started tithing last August, and it was a challenge to say the least. I calculated a portion of my paycheck every two weeks – and I mean to the cent – to give back to the church. Each time, I was nervous it wouldn’t be worth it – that I would miss out on some silly, materialist thing. Well, God is good. My faith has grown immensely since I started. Every time I gave back what was His, He provided for me more than I gave; clients reached out to me, and I always had a job to work on. I was making money, not losing it. Then, as I was praying about my new business name, it dawned on me that God calls us to tithe the first ten percent of our income. There’s that ten percent again! I knew it was the right change, and I didn’t look back.


So, here’s to change, growth, and stepping out in faith. I’m excited for what the next year will bring!

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