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I Woke Up, Thank God!

Today, I am beaming.

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently a Math Education Junior at OU. To complete our degree, we have to do three field experiences (and then student teach), where we go into the classroom to get a really organic feel for teaching in real life. Well, today was my last day of my last field experience, and I got to teach a full lesson – 4 periods of freshman geometry.

It. Was. Amazing.

As a ticket out the door, I asked students to write two things:

  1. What was the best question you heard asked during the game? (We played Guess What?, a quadrilateral version of Guess Who?) Why was it the best question?
  2. Write down One Good Thing about today, or life in general. (A page I stole out of my fave calc teacher’s book)

The responses were pure gold and I must share!

Life is good.

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