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Everyone’s Favorite: It’s Christmas in July!

Christmas: the season of giving and in my opinion, making! No, I haven’t spent my summer making Christmas presents (though I wouldn’t put it past me…). BUT I want to show you all the fun stuff this season has brought us in the past!
     This first project didn’t technically have an inspiration, unless you consider my realization that our grandparents have 8 grandchildren and Santa has 8 reindeer (not including Rudolph) an inspiring thought… Thankfully, my stepdad has a shop for all of my crazy projects. AND I have a rocking awesome sister with an equally awesome boyfriend who likes to help with projects like these. So, these awesome men got to work making a giant plaque – for lack of better word. My vision was a really big porch decoration for Christmas for my Meme and PawPaw’s ranch, with all of the grandkids names on it. Meme is a big fan of anything involving grandchildren.
     We used plain boards and the guys drilled and did whatever else you have to do to make a plaque like this… I know how to use a drill, I’m just not a fan of the table saw. Eeek. Meanwhile, my sister Kelsey and I were using gracious Cricut to make stencils with all of the reindeer and grandkid names. When it was ready, we painted this bad boy red all over.
Shout out to Kelsey for perfectly designing the stencils so everything was perfectly aligned with the edges, and no one’s name was cut off. Truly she amazes me!!
 Because we used normal card stock paper and not a plastic stencil, painting the names proved to be difficult because the paper would lift up and paint ran where it wasn’t supposed to. Touch-ups took a little longer, but it wasn’t too big of a deal.
Everything fit so nicely!
The finished product. I wish I had a picture of it sitting boldly on the porch, but I don’t have a good one yet. When Meme puts it out this year I will be sure to update this!!

Another wood project using the help of Scott and Jake – this one actually had an inspiration!
The wooden branches this person used look a little more weather (and possibly even sanded or smoothed?) so ours looks a little more rugged. I just went out to the front yard and picked up random branches that we could cut to the right size to make our fun little Christmas tree.
Sweet Kels and her cute apron helping a sista out… literally. (In true Texas Tech fashion – wearing cowgirl boots.)

Finished product! I liked the Pinterest version’s star on top a little better, but ours was fun too. Plain old wood glue did the trick. Couple hours of drying and it was ready to be displayed!!

One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever made was this past Christmas for my momma. At the time we were in the middle of building a house, so I knew wall decor was the best thing to get for her. Also, we are seriously lacking in family pictures (on this side of the family). So, here was my inspiration:


We had probably too much fun having a photoshoot with all the kids. We have a family full of goofballs… and crazy pups.

I bought this frame from Michael’s with all the mats and spots for pictures already in it, which made this project the easiest ever.

My momma loved it so much she cried – and yours would too!! Try it!!

Lastly, we had some Union Varsity Pom reunion fun at our annual Christmas party, and Cricut helped me make some decorations. I made the “merry xmas” banner, and this fun fake Polaroid picture using foam poster board (I cut the inside out with an Exact-o Knife. I’ll be back soon to show you what I did with the inside piece!!) and Cricut made me an “xoxo” for fun. My friends were thrilled, if you can’t tell.

Merry Christmas and stay cool in this Oklahoma heat!!!

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