Handmade Cards

Cards, and Handmade Envelopes to Boot!

 I started making handmade cards when I was given my beloved Cricut machine I say way too much about, but it wasn’t until I made a splurge purchase one day in Michael’s when I realized I could make handmade envelopes to house my little babies, too! During a lunch break in high school, I stopped in Michael’s after eating at Panera (always) and saw a Martha Stewart score board like this one. I didn’t know what it could do – other than make perfect folding lines – but with the 30% off coupon, I just couldn’t say no.
After way too many projects, I finally realized there was a little tool in the bottom of the score board, tucked away. This gives you all dimensions for any size- or type- of card you’d like to make, and it’s very user friendly. After a couple attempts – I was able to make some really cute and high quality envelopes for the little guys!
Here is the secret hiding place:
Anyone who can use a ruler can do this – it’s lovely.
 And here is my first and favorite card-and-envelop duo! I used my embossing machine to give my card some texture and cut out perfect circles with the Cricut. Just used a plain Sharpie to do the lettering, and some simple measuring for the paper details! The color palette just makes me happy. I used cardstock for the envelope, and regular printed paper for the envelope liner. I wish I could say I have a system for making/measuring the liners, but honestly I just eyeball it and hope it works out. I’ve messed these up so many times and it can be frustrating, but I just deal. Hopefully I can find a foolproof way to line envelopes one of these days…
The problem with these handmade envelopes is they don’t have the yucky stuff to lick and seal with. So, I put a simple strip of Washi tape on the outside when I give them away. Again, not ideal, but it’s still super cute and gets the job done. 
This card disappoints me so much it’s embarrassing. But the envelope is a winner, so just look at that.
This was for my sweet momma for her birthday – it didn’t get an envelope, but for good reason! I’ll share soon what I did with it!
Stamps are such an easy way to personalize and hand-make things! I got this little set of stamps for like a dollar at Michael’s, guys!

Speaking of envelopes… in my math education class at OU, we were to make a trifold poster project about a math topic. Mine was conveniently “math in arts and crafts,” so you know I had to make a project about handmade envelopes. I feel the need to share, because I’m so proud of this thing! Best project ever. I used $1 gift wrap from Michael’s for the background, and went from there!

Stick around for more cards – and some doodles – I’ve made using my new Tombow Dual Brush Pens I got for Christmas. YAY hand lettering.

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