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Simple Gift Ideas (for multiple people)

I have some SCARY cute gift ideas (that’s all I’ve got for Halloween, sorry) for when you are needing more than just one… like, say, for a pom team, or for all of your friends for Christmas! Since people are starting ¬†their Christmas shopping, I figure now is as good a time as any to give you some DIY ideas for gifts that don’t take a ton of money or time – and most use recycled materials, WOOP!

To start the show, we have these precious jars that hang on the wall on a piece of reclaimed wood. I made these a couple years ago for the girls in my class who were on my Pom team for graduation. I started by cutting large white planks of reclaimed wood (from the fence we were tearing down at the time – score) into blocks about a foot tall. Then, I bought these metal pipe clamps from Lowe’s to hold the jars, which, by the way, are recycled from iced latte’s from Aldi. SO cheap and the perfect size and shape! Consider reusing things like this for your own projects, it always pays off!

After drinking 12 bottles of iced coffee (don’t worry, it wasn’t in one day), I removed the labels and lids (still working on a project to do with the lids, I’ll keep you posted!), and painted a monogram for each girl using acrylic paint. I would have probably used a different kind of paint (meant for glass, that wouldn’t chip), but this worked fairly well for the purpose I had in mind.

The trickiest part of this project was drilling a hole through the metal clamps into the wood, but even that wasn’t terrible. I would grab an experienced friend to help if this seems uncomfortable to you! Once the clamp is secured to the piece of wood, I use a screwdriver to tighten the bottle onto the wood. Lastly, I nailed in baby hangers on the back, then threw in some sweet fake flowers! All in, these probably cost less than $3 per gift. I was totally happy with the results, and I think the girls loved them too!

The inspiration for the next gifts – DIY Key Fobs/Wristlets – is shown below:

These admittedly would not have been possible without my sister, Kelsey’s, expertise with the embroidery machine – something I have not yet mastered. But, we thought we could make those fobs, and make them even better by adding am monogram! We made them as Christmas gifts for our friends and were able to use fabric, thread, and batting that we already owned… can’t get cheaper than that. The only thing we had to buy were these metal D-rings from Walmart; we got the silver, but there’s also a cool gold option!

Unfortunately since we made these so long ago, I don’t remember all the exact steps. But, we started by embroidering a simple monogram onto the fabric of choice, sewing it into a slim rectangle, stuffing a piece of batting inside (you had to flip it inside out and then use a pencil to finish the stuffing), then using a flat iron to smooth out the wrinkles. Finally, we folded the strip in half, then slipped the D-ring onto one of the bottom edges. We tucked the two open bottom edges inside, and sewed right next to the D-ring to close off the wristlet and also keep the ring in place at the bottom. And that’s it! I would estimate these cost barely over a dollar piece (plus time, of course). Such a good idea if you have any sewing skills at all!

These little guys were for Pom girls in the grade under me for their graduation. Most every freshman has that mini dorm fridge, so I thought custom magnets would be a practical and sweet gift. I bought these plain metal colored ones, along with some with quotes that I didn’t take a picture of (this was before the blog), at Micheal’s for a dollar a piece. One dollar! That section will change your life I promise.

So I hand lettered a monogram (do we see a monogram theme here??), added some jewel embellishments I already had, and wrapped them up pretty! Done! Happy Graduation, girlies.

Finally, I thought I’d throw in these two ideas – woodblock wall art and hand lettered jewelry bowls! Actually, I’ve made more bowls since this, check them out on my Etsy page! The wood blocks were from extra wood we had at my house, and then I used acrylic paint and a gold Sharpie to write some quotes. (P.S. this is not my best work, this was still in the early stage of me figuring out hand-lettering!).

The jewelry bowl was a condiment bowl from Target costing $3 that I transformed with some Sharpie-hand-lettering and gold nail polish on the rim. Simple and dainty, my favorite! 

Happy gifting, friends!!

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