Year One

Exciting news!! This June marked the one-year anniversary of my tiny, hopeful business I started in 2017. Years of crafting paved the way for my hobby-turned-business, and I have learned more in just one year of custom work than I had in all the years prior! Now, after many “learn the hard way” moments, months […]



Grace. Something I SUCK at understanding, giving, and receiving. I can’t pinpoint where exactly I failed to grasp this concept, because in all honesty, I’m pretty sure the world would stop spinning without it. Constantly, I have voices in my head: You aren’t saying the right things to help that person who reached out to […]

Education Life

I Woke Up, Thank God!

Today, I am beaming. For those of you who don’t know, I am currently a Math Education Junior at OU. To complete our degree, we have to do three field experiences (and then student teach), where we go into the classroom to get a really organic feel for teaching in real life. Well, today was […]