Handmade Cards

Humble beginnings: cards and progress

I mentioned before that handmade cards are one of my favorite crafts to make, mostly because they are easy to personalize, small, and inexpensive. Sometimes I make cards just for fun with random occasions on them, and other times I craft something made especially for a friend or family member. In this post I will […]


A sunflower gift and WRAPPING courtesy of Cricut

NEWS!! Cricut does amazing things, one of which is making GIFT BOXES! Granted, these are a little more labor intensive than most Cricut projects, but it was so worth it. This project combined two of my favorite things: sunflowers and gift wrapping (seriously I would wrap people’s Christmas presents for some puppy chow or something). For a […]


Do what makes you oh, so happy

I mentioned before that I one day want to be a math teacher. Unfortunately when I tell people that, most ask, “Here? Like in Oklahoma?” Well, I don’t know where I’ll end up teaching. But I do know that here – yes, in Oklahoma – I have had the best teachers to give me inspiration […]

Decor Repurposing

Joy in the Little Things

My favorite projects are the ones with stories. I was walking through Hobby Lobby (my wonderland) one day on the lookout for a frame I needed for another project (soon to be posted) when I happened upon the clearance frame section. Seriously people, this is the JACKPOT if you aren’t needing a frame a particular size. […]